Jan. 23rd, 2011

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Hi everyone! I'd like to say thank-you so much to everyone who came along to this year's first Sacrilege on Friday! We had a great turn-out, great response on the dance floor, Dvae and I had a wonderful time and it looked like you guys did too. :-)

We'd like to give everyone a heads-up on some new info about the club before we start advertising February's event, which, given that we have the legendary Paul Sticks of Vagabonds as guest DJ, looks like it's going to be excellent!

We've been having increasing difficulty keeping out certain unsavoury people who come to The Q Club post-pub to carry on drinking when they really ought to go home to sleep off what they've already had. The Q is on a busy thoroughfare and gets quite a lot of interest from passers-by, many of whom seem to find the presence of beautiful women in corsets and handsome dandies in flouncy shirts too much to process. This has been making many of our regulars feel extremely uncomfortable and has resulted in [livejournal.com profile] g0th1c and I making the decision to begin enforcing the door policy that we have previously been more relaxed about.

We would therefore like you all to know that as of February's Sacrilege, we will no longer be letting in anyone dressed in blue jeans, trainers or sportswear, unless they are staff. We do appreciate that this might make a few people unhappy, but we are absolutely not trying to be exclusive or elitist by being stricter about this policy. We hold the safety and comfort of everyone who comes to the club to dance to great music and be with their friends in the highest regard and unfortunately the actions of a very few inappropriate people have put this at risk.

Given the type of outfit generally worn by the people who see The Q Club as nothing more than a place to get more hammered after the pubs have closed, it is very much easier for us to turn away those who come to the club to make trouble based on their dress than any other marker. And we can do this more safely, fairly and easily if there is no-one dressed in blue jeans, trainers or sportswear standing outside smoking, walking up the stairs to the toilets, or hanging out on the door chatting at the time.

Black jeans are fine. Black trainers are fine. White t-shirts with funny slogans or band names are fine. Multi-coloured Cyber wear is fine. If you are in any doubt whatsoever about what you can wear to Sacrilege please get in touch with us to discuss and we will be more than happy to work something out with you. Our email address is info AT sacrilege DOT org DOT uk.

We do apologise to anyone who feels that we are excluding them but I'm afraid we really don't have any other choice. This policy is currently only applicable to Sacrilege and there are many many other alternative nights of all hues at The Q Club every month. All of these are currently more relaxed about who comes in. If you really don't have anything else to wear and can't get hold of anything appropriate on your budget I'm sure they would be more than happy to welcome you.

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