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Via [ profile] flannelcat
"...I can understand why a property development company might get upset at squatters. As far as generic ideas go, it's not a nice one.

But when a site that's been left derelict for fifteen years and has no hope of getting planning permission is taken over by a group of gardeners who not only turn it into a community garden but promise to leave the site if said company ever gets their planning permission, retaliating with threats, assault, dragging them through the courts, then finally carrying out an illegal eviction with an arrest is not the not the way forward.

Long story short: this is what's happened at Brighton Mound. The surprise eviction and destruction of the garden was this morning. The company in question is Hargreaves. Spread the word, spread the bad publicity, email them if you feel it's appropriate. Let them know just how much in the wrong they are, and just how much they cannot get away with it..."
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Are you excited? Here at Sacrilege Towers we most certainly are! Here's what we're up to over the weekend of World Goth Day:

Event No. 1
Our monthly club night is on Friday 20th May at The Q Club on Station Road, Cambridge. As usual it runs from 9pm until 2am and costs just £4 (£3 concessions) to get in.
Flyer here )

Event No. 2
On Saturday 21st May we'll be running a live Sacrilege Presents... gig at The Portland Arms on Chesterton Road featuring SpuckTute, Last July and Grooving in Green. Cost for this event is just £5 (£4 concessions). Tickets will be available at Sacrilege the night before, or just pay on the door at the Portland! :-)
Flyer here )

Does anyone fancy helping us out on the door at either event (or both!)? The reward is our love forever and free entry; we may even be able to stretch to a drink as well (but remind me I owe you one, because I'll be running about like an idiot and will otherwise forget!) ;-)

We're also looking for a compere for the gig, again in return for free entry! Fancy getting up onstage in front of everyone to announce the bands? Think you're witty enough to give it a go? We'll gladly give you the mik - after all if we can do it, anyone can!! ;-P

Event No. 3
And finally, in our guise as Last July Dvae and I will be hanging out with the cool kids at the World Goth Day Dominion Magazine Show in London on Sunday 22nd May! We're not running this show or performing as a band, but we will have some merchandise up for grabs. Also, I'll be onstage at the end of the night with a bunch of other awesome musicians, singing a very special version of a well known song to celebrate the Goth scene as we know and love it! :-D

Hope to see you all soon!

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Hello everyone, I hope you've all had a wonderful long bank holiday weekend in the glorious sunshine. :-) I thought you might appreciate an announcement to brighten up the inevitable return to work, so I'm here to tell you that Sacrilege will be holding not one but TWO events this month to celebrate the weekend of World Goth Day! :-D

First up, we have our monthly club night on Friday 20th May at The Q Club on Station Road. As usual it runs from 9pm until 2am and costs just £4 (£3 concessions) to get in.

On Saturday 21st May we'll be running a live Sacrilege Presents... gig at The Portland Arms on Chesterton Road featuring SpuckTute, Last July and Grooving in Green. Cost for this gig is just £5 (£4 concessions). There will be tickets available at Sacrilege the night before or just get them on the door at The Portland Arms, the choice is yours! :-)

Flyers under here )

Spread the word! :-D
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Hello all! Dvae and I got a greenhouse on Freecycle recently and it's currently sitting in bits in our garden. We've got a bit of a puzzle putting it back up and woncered if anyone fancied giving us a hand? ;-) We'll be holding a BBQ at the end of the day to celebrate our success!

We haven't decided on a day yet but can do any day this long weekend except Sunday, and any day next long weekend except Friday. :-) Let me know if any of these days are good for you and we'll get planning.
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Much better than the teeny review we got for our E.P. even if DJArmand can't spell my name... ;-P

At last...

Apr. 14th, 2011 04:08 pm
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I am Officially Divorced!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

Not that that's the end of the story given that Erik hasn't paid a bean of what he owes to either me or Lloyds, but at least I'm not legally tied to him in any other respect any more. :-D
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Sacrilege is in one week! :-) Have you got your costume/outfit worked out yet? I haven't, argh!!

Flyer with details here )

For those looking for something to go to tonight, you could do much worse than come to Club Incarnate tonight. It's a new Goth/Dark Alternative night held in a converted church in Ipswich and will feature both myself and Dvae as guest DJs, as well as live perfomances from ourselves (with Nevla of course) as Last July, plus Electro-Industrial act Ghost in the Static. The venue is St Nicholas Centre, 4 CUTLER STREET, IPSWICH, IP1 1UQ, the event will run from 7pm until midnight (plenty of time to get home before you turn into a pumpkin!) and tickets are £12.50 on the door.

Finally, thank-you LOADS to those who came to see Last July play at The Cornerhouse last night. It was lovely to see friendly faces in the audience (well, when I wasn't being blinded by the 'Hell-Light') ;-)
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On Friday 15th April Sacrilege will be celebrating our First Birthday!! Come and join in the fun as we say hello to another year of gorgeous Goth and Dark Alternative music and wave (a very fond) goodbye to our first twelve months of drinking, dancing and general awesomeness. :-)

To celebrate we will be holding a proper fancy dress party with sweeties, cake, balloons and not one but two guest DJs! Yes, feel free to come dressed as (almost) anything: from Johnny Depp lookalike to full pirate regalia; from Morticia Addams to your favourite Hammer Horror character. Just don't try 'Chav' fancy dress, as you still won't get in. ;-)

Our guest DJs for this month will be none other than the one and only DJ PaganFlame (Interstellar Overdrive, The Calling, Bump n Grindhouse) and the truly Electro-Punk Cyber Andy (Whitby Goth Weekend, Black Planet, Spucktute). Plus your resident DJs Alixandrea and Dvae, who will be spinning their favourite tracks from the previous twelve month's playlists.

Entry remains just £4, with a concessionary rate of £3. However, if you bring us birthday cake, we will give you FREE ENTRY!! ;-)

Flyer and linky under here )

As ever we'll be running our charity cloakroom and this month we'll be collecting for the amazing folk at Medecines Sans Frontieres. If you would like to help us out on either the door or the cloakroom, we will give you free entry, just let us know in advance what shift you can do. :-)
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Dvae and I both have the Whitby lurgy so we could really do with your support!

60a Bromham Road
MK40 2QG

Speak and Spell (Depeche Mode tribute band)
Last July

Doors are at 8pm and tickets cost £8, which includes free entry to the 'True Faith' 80's night downstairs after the show. :-)
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I emailed them the other day to ask whether their products were still Vegetarian friendly as their website was recently updated to say that they were no longer Vegan friendly. The email conversation is copied below:

From: Me
To: Stargazer

Hello there, I wonder if you might be able to send me a list of ingredients for your products, or even just a run-down of which of your products are no longer Vegan-friendly and what they contain that makes them so? Even an idea of whether your products are still Vegetarian friendly would be helpful if that would be possible please.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

From: Stargazer
To: Me

Hi Alixandrea

Thanks for your email.

We state on our website that none of our products are vegan or vegetarian friendly to save any upset as sometimes indigents may change slightly.

From: Me
To: Stargazer

Hi, thanks for your reply. Your website does say that your products are no longer Vegan friendly, but says nothing about whether they are Vegetarian friendly. The two definitions are a world apart and will make a huge difference in the number of people who can continue to use your products, and indeed to the number of people who need to know that you have changed your ingredients.

As a Vegetarian I would have no problem with you using, for example, beewax or lanolin in your products. However I would have a problem with you using, for example, animal fats (such as that used to make lard; not milk-based) or non-synthetic musk. If an animal had to die to create ingredients for your products, then your products are not Vegetarian or Vegan. However, if an animal made an ingredient for your products but did not have to die to do so then the products are not Vegan but are still Vegetarian. The difference is not simply semantic.

I very much enjoy using your products and would like to continue to do so if at all possible, however if you cannot guarantee that your products are Vegetarian I will have to move on to using different brands. I would also consider it my moral duty (and really this is also yours) to tell all the Vegetarians I know that your products are no longer suitable for them to use.

From: Stargazer
To: Me

Hi Alixandrea,

We as a company can’t guarantee that our products are vegetarian friendly.

I’m sorry to have to confirm this.

From: Me
To: Stargazer

Thanks for confirming my fears Nicole. I recommend that you update your website to say this, as it currently only states in the FAQ that your products are no longer Vegan-friendly and as I have pointed out, these two are a world apart.

I'll move on to using other products then.

Please pass the message on. I'm really not happy about this as I love Stargazer products and they were until quite recently Vegan (and therefore Vegetarian) friendly and seemingly proud of this fact...
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With guest DJ Gothydude from Bedford's excellent Hellfyre :-)

9pm - 2am
The Q Club, Station Road, Cambridge
£4 entry or £3 concessions (don't forget your student/RockSoc/other ID). :-)
Or free entry for helping us out on the door!

We'll be donating money from the cloakroom this month to the Blue Cross who have a cat shelter in Garlic Row, just off Newmarket road here in Cambridge.

Flyer and link to FB event here )

Don't forget our dress code is 'Dress to Impress' - please no blue jeans or sportswear.

See you all on Friday 18th! :-)
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I can think of at least two people for whom this should be essential reading...
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Have you sorted out your outfits? Bought those lovely new shoes? Looking forward to dancing your cares away in them? Excellent! Sacrilege is just a week away!

This month our guest DJ will be none other than the legendary Paul Sticks of Vagabonds in London. Expect some very special music from this wonderful DJ. :-)

Our cloakroom collection is for the Bat Conservation Trust this month in honour of the Year of the Bat. If anyone has anything bat-related that we could use for decoration, please do let me know. And if you feel like wearing a bat-winged outfit, well you'll fit right in! ;-)

Entry is still just £4, or £3 for concessions. Doors are still 9pm and we still don't close until 2am. :-)
Our address is still The Q Club, Station Road, Cambridge and the date, should you wish to reach for your calendars now, will be Friday 18th February.

Flyer and link to FB event here )

Please do let us know if you would like to help out on the door in exchange for free entry - we really apprecaite your help. :-)

See you next Friday!!
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Aprops my previous post and thanks to [ profile] faithinfire, you can vote here:
on the 38 Degrees website to begin a campaign by them to get to the bottom of, and hopefully change, these new laws.

In their own words, 38 Degrees, "brings you together with other people to take action on the issues that matter to you and bring about real change". More info can be found on their About page:

Spread the word!
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There has been a lot of publicity and outrage recently about the government's recent proposals to sell off a vast swathe of England's forest estate in order to make a one-off lump sum of money and, they argue, to stop paying for maintenance. However, the likelihood is that many of these sold forests would end up still costing the government in maintenance grants through the Forestry Commission, which the new owners can apply for. They are also a potential a href="">tax drain, as inheritance tax is not payable on woodland areas.

And of course the main possibility that is worrying people is that this previously publically owned and managed land could be fenced off, fall into disrepair or potentially even cut down - if not now then at some point further down the line.

There is currently a public consultation running at defra and the Forestry Commission. If you have time and would like to know more/have your say about these proposals, I recommend going to these websites and making your voices heard.
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Hi everyone! I'd like to say thank-you so much to everyone who came along to this year's first Sacrilege on Friday! We had a great turn-out, great response on the dance floor, Dvae and I had a wonderful time and it looked like you guys did too. :-)

We'd like to give everyone a heads-up on some new info about the club before we start advertising February's event, which, given that we have the legendary Paul Sticks of Vagabonds as guest DJ, looks like it's going to be excellent!

We've been having increasing difficulty keeping out certain unsavoury people who come to The Q Club post-pub to carry on drinking when they really ought to go home to sleep off what they've already had. The Q is on a busy thoroughfare and gets quite a lot of interest from passers-by, many of whom seem to find the presence of beautiful women in corsets and handsome dandies in flouncy shirts too much to process. This has been making many of our regulars feel extremely uncomfortable and has resulted in [ profile] g0th1c and I making the decision to begin enforcing the door policy that we have previously been more relaxed about.

We would therefore like you all to know that as of February's Sacrilege, we will no longer be letting in anyone dressed in blue jeans, trainers or sportswear, unless they are staff. We do appreciate that this might make a few people unhappy, but we are absolutely not trying to be exclusive or elitist by being stricter about this policy. We hold the safety and comfort of everyone who comes to the club to dance to great music and be with their friends in the highest regard and unfortunately the actions of a very few inappropriate people have put this at risk.

Given the type of outfit generally worn by the people who see The Q Club as nothing more than a place to get more hammered after the pubs have closed, it is very much easier for us to turn away those who come to the club to make trouble based on their dress than any other marker. And we can do this more safely, fairly and easily if there is no-one dressed in blue jeans, trainers or sportswear standing outside smoking, walking up the stairs to the toilets, or hanging out on the door chatting at the time.

Black jeans are fine. Black trainers are fine. White t-shirts with funny slogans or band names are fine. Multi-coloured Cyber wear is fine. If you are in any doubt whatsoever about what you can wear to Sacrilege please get in touch with us to discuss and we will be more than happy to work something out with you. Our email address is info AT sacrilege DOT org DOT uk.

We do apologise to anyone who feels that we are excluding them but I'm afraid we really don't have any other choice. This policy is currently only applicable to Sacrilege and there are many many other alternative nights of all hues at The Q Club every month. All of these are currently more relaxed about who comes in. If you really don't have anything else to wear and can't get hold of anything appropriate on your budget I'm sure they would be more than happy to welcome you.
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Sacrilege is this Friday!!
The Q Club, Station Road, Cambridge
Friday 21st January
9pm - 2am
With guest DJ N0whereGirl from The Calling
Entry just £1!!

Have a flyer )

Please do let us know if you would like to help out on the door in exchange for free entry and a free drink. :-)

See you Friday!!
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Yes, we're returning to The Q Club, Station Road, Cambridge on Friday 21st January for our first Sacrilege of the year. And because we know that many of you are going to be as broke as we are by then, entry for everyone will be JUST £1 this month!!

Our guest DJ for this month will be the lovely N0whereGirl from The Calling. :-)

Have a flyer )

And as ever, if you fancy free entry, just post on our Facebook page wall or re-tweet us on our Twitter feed to be in for a chance to win! Alternatively, we always appreciate help on the door in exchange for free entry too. ;-)

Hope to see you soon!
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