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Yes, your regular monthly Sacrilege dose is now just a week away! We're celebrating the summer holidays in style with the best Goth, Industrial, Post-Punk and EBM around. :-) We were so impressed with [ profile] nevla's DJ set back in June that we've asked him to come back for another go, so you really are in for a very special treat. And of course your regular DJs [ profile] alixandrea and Dvae will also be there keeping the music going right the way through!

Friday 19th August
Q Club
1 Station Road
Cambridge CB1 2JB


Entry is the usual £4/£3 concessions, but we're also running a promotion! As we now have the lovely Leroy as our security guard, we have been able to relax our door policy. However, to encourage you all to dress up, we are offering £1 Entry for the Fabulous!! Come dressed amazingly, beautifully or just downright awesomely and you get in for JUST £1! Though I must add that £1 entry (or indeed entry whatever you're wearing) is as always based solely on the discretion of whoever is on the door at the time. ;-)

We hope to see lots of you this month; we've missed quite a few of you recently and it'd be awesome to have you back. We have a new group on Facebook; please feel free to join and let us know what you'd like to see more - or less - of at your club. :-)
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