May. 18th, 2011

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Via [ profile] flannelcat
"...I can understand why a property development company might get upset at squatters. As far as generic ideas go, it's not a nice one.

But when a site that's been left derelict for fifteen years and has no hope of getting planning permission is taken over by a group of gardeners who not only turn it into a community garden but promise to leave the site if said company ever gets their planning permission, retaliating with threats, assault, dragging them through the courts, then finally carrying out an illegal eviction with an arrest is not the not the way forward.

Long story short: this is what's happened at Brighton Mound. The surprise eviction and destruction of the garden was this morning. The company in question is Hargreaves. Spread the word, spread the bad publicity, email them if you feel it's appropriate. Let them know just how much in the wrong they are, and just how much they cannot get away with it..."

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