May. 15th, 2011

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Are you excited? Here at Sacrilege Towers we most certainly are! Here's what we're up to over the weekend of World Goth Day:

Event No. 1
Our monthly club night is on Friday 20th May at The Q Club on Station Road, Cambridge. As usual it runs from 9pm until 2am and costs just £4 (£3 concessions) to get in.
Flyer here )

Event No. 2
On Saturday 21st May we'll be running a live Sacrilege Presents... gig at The Portland Arms on Chesterton Road featuring SpuckTute, Last July and Grooving in Green. Cost for this event is just £5 (£4 concessions). Tickets will be available at Sacrilege the night before, or just pay on the door at the Portland! :-)
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Does anyone fancy helping us out on the door at either event (or both!)? The reward is our love forever and free entry; we may even be able to stretch to a drink as well (but remind me I owe you one, because I'll be running about like an idiot and will otherwise forget!) ;-)

We're also looking for a compere for the gig, again in return for free entry! Fancy getting up onstage in front of everyone to announce the bands? Think you're witty enough to give it a go? We'll gladly give you the mik - after all if we can do it, anyone can!! ;-P

Event No. 3
And finally, in our guise as Last July Dvae and I will be hanging out with the cool kids at the World Goth Day Dominion Magazine Show in London on Sunday 22nd May! We're not running this show or performing as a band, but we will have some merchandise up for grabs. Also, I'll be onstage at the end of the night with a bunch of other awesome musicians, singing a very special version of a well known song to celebrate the Goth scene as we know and love it! :-D

Hope to see you all soon!


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