Mar. 21st, 2011

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I emailed them the other day to ask whether their products were still Vegetarian friendly as their website was recently updated to say that they were no longer Vegan friendly. The email conversation is copied below:

From: Me
To: Stargazer

Hello there, I wonder if you might be able to send me a list of ingredients for your products, or even just a run-down of which of your products are no longer Vegan-friendly and what they contain that makes them so? Even an idea of whether your products are still Vegetarian friendly would be helpful if that would be possible please.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

From: Stargazer
To: Me

Hi Alixandrea

Thanks for your email.

We state on our website that none of our products are vegan or vegetarian friendly to save any upset as sometimes indigents may change slightly.

From: Me
To: Stargazer

Hi, thanks for your reply. Your website does say that your products are no longer Vegan friendly, but says nothing about whether they are Vegetarian friendly. The two definitions are a world apart and will make a huge difference in the number of people who can continue to use your products, and indeed to the number of people who need to know that you have changed your ingredients.

As a Vegetarian I would have no problem with you using, for example, beewax or lanolin in your products. However I would have a problem with you using, for example, animal fats (such as that used to make lard; not milk-based) or non-synthetic musk. If an animal had to die to create ingredients for your products, then your products are not Vegetarian or Vegan. However, if an animal made an ingredient for your products but did not have to die to do so then the products are not Vegan but are still Vegetarian. The difference is not simply semantic.

I very much enjoy using your products and would like to continue to do so if at all possible, however if you cannot guarantee that your products are Vegetarian I will have to move on to using different brands. I would also consider it my moral duty (and really this is also yours) to tell all the Vegetarians I know that your products are no longer suitable for them to use.

From: Stargazer
To: Me

Hi Alixandrea,

We as a company can’t guarantee that our products are vegetarian friendly.

I’m sorry to have to confirm this.

From: Me
To: Stargazer

Thanks for confirming my fears Nicole. I recommend that you update your website to say this, as it currently only states in the FAQ that your products are no longer Vegan-friendly and as I have pointed out, these two are a world apart.

I'll move on to using other products then.

Please pass the message on. I'm really not happy about this as I love Stargazer products and they were until quite recently Vegan (and therefore Vegetarian) friendly and seemingly proud of this fact...

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